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Katherine Bessette

A.K.A Kahtja, the Founder and Creator of The Goddessa Entertainment Collective & Movement, has a devotion to empowering others to find joy through musical expression. She is a vocal coach, piano teacher, violin player and live performer. She has spent a lifetime becoming an unstoppable multi-talented musical virtuosa. In her continued quest to hone and sculpt her authentic sound, she invokes all genres, breaking moulds and classifications, by creating a soulful & engaging experience.


Charlene Smith

A.K.A Queen C, Co-Creator and Director of Goddessa, is a spoken word artist, dancer/choreographer, singer/songwriter, rap artist, YogiDance creator and overall performer intent on elevating the human consciousness through inspirational flow. Queen C has delivered the message of love and elevation in all the ways from the studio to the stage for over 10 years. With the creation of her company InnerVerse Connect and becoming part of this powerful female artist collective, she is fully supported on her path to the mastery and successful career in the international community of performing arts. Let her inspire you to your greatest self


Nicky Dubs

A multifaceted Canadian electronic musician from Edmonton, AB. As a drummer turned multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer, he fuses live elements with bass music festival vibes. His music has an energetic eclectic sound, influenced by reggae/dub, liquid dnb, jungle, hip hop, soul, house, world beats and by his fellow Edmonton artists. His melodic, groove oriented songs are a unique blend of atmospheric and rhythmic psychedelia. The live show is a one-man band performance that can easily be mistaken as a DJ set.  Always featuring combinations of live drums, vocals, looping/effects and guest vocalists/emcees, every Nicky Dubs set is a unique experience than the last.

honoring duality



Floxii inhales dance and music as though it is air itself. Her exhale is the deep magic of divine feminine empowerment echoing the message that Goddessa is here to vibrate out into the ethers. Her gift is providing insight into pre stage production, choreography, artistic direction, holding space for the collective and filling in the spaces of performance through rap, dance, theatrics and raw movement. With over 25 years experience in the dance world, having performed on stages around the world, she is loving her new path of training in Somatics to become a Certified Somatic Exercise Teacher Trainer.  When she's not running one of her three businesses, sculpting her dance students or mastering motherhood, you can find her at InnerVerse Connect.



This passionate woman is deeply motivated to share her talents and brighten the hearts of many. She intends to ENlightEN our connection in MIND BODY SOUL AURA through conscious expression in writing, music, interior design, painting, dance, and costume. Her motto in life is PLURple. She believes PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT Play Laugh Eat is the foundation to enjoy life to the highest essence of our being.  By providing workshop series to educate and elevate, her wisdom base has inspired countless people.  

Her performance art, go-go, and burlesque dancing,

Honors the Dark and Celebrates the Light with the iNlightist.

Star Lynn


Star Lynn believes she has been brought to this Earth to be an Igniter of the Heart. Her Passions are to connect people together through Community Gatherings, Workshops, Public Speaking, Dancing and Performance Art. As MC & master creatrix, she isn’t one to back down from anything. Star strives to help people feel confident and comfortable in any situation, no matter who they are. Her Love for people is beyond words and she only wants to bring joy and kindness into this world every day. So, witness her play upon the stages and watch the organic magic happen through her creative flow in the moment at hand.  May we break through the barriers of deception and bring this planet to its highest.


A lyricist and hip hop artist with unique style and soulful presence, this woman is an all encompass


A lyricist and hip hop artist with unique style and soulful presence, this woman is an all encompassing talent that can't be ignored. Performances have had her open for names like Swollen Members & Tech N9ne, along with headlining her own shows across Canada. She has been featured in articles internationally on popular newspapers, blogs & magazines and was a co-host on Edmonton's CJSR 88.5fm. Through hip hop, this miss has grown into an image of pride and empowerment with a message she believes in.  From speaking at colleges, discussing resiliency, music and media to teaching creative arts programs at high schools and more, Jaide is a powerhouse you can't miss. Consistently striving to be better at her craft and demonstrate her skills as an artist both vocally and lyrically, in her time, Jaide has imprinted her foot as a force to be reckoned with. 

Lesley Dawn


Lesley Dawn Kosinski is a born and raised Albertan, receiving her BFA in Dance from Simon Fraser University.  Her true passion for movement is rooted in deep self-expression; opening to channel emotions shared in our universal human experience. This intense process is amplified through interdisciplinary collaboration and improvisation. Spirit and intuition guide her flow in movement and in life. Practices for self-study and teaching others include Qi Gong, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga, and Dance Therapy in Nature. Lesley is a certified Yoga Teacher and is pursuing her Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy. Since connecting with this powerful female collective she has blossomed and transformed; releasing old programming that women must compete. She has become the best version of herself through the support, encouragement and unconditional love of her Soul Sisters. Together We Rise. 

together we rise

Lasya Lada


Lasya Lada (Janelle Lightheart) focuses on the BASS, the FLOW, the HEART, the SEXY and the SACRED. After a lifetime of being a musician and dance addict, she transitioned to DJing in 2012. Inspired by sounds from around the globe, she weaves journeys with unpredictable turns, takeoffs and landings.

Alya Modeste


Ayla Modeste (Tawakan Kimowan) A.K.A Sheer Modesty, A.K.A The Ghost Dancer, is a Cree and Gwich'in dancer/story teller from Edmonton. Ayla uses dance, sound, drag, burlesque and her surroundings to create stories that explore the healing power in expression. Her movements are integrated with emotionality, abstract, sporadic and intense curiosity. Ayla's analytical tendency gives her fuel in attempting to unveil humanity's patterns. She finds strength when she allows her vulnerability to shape whatever it is she is becoming or unbecoming. 




Embracing the shadow self and the imperfect nature of all things, Slumbellina dances with darkness to bring her own light to the stage with her unique blend of hip hop meets belly dancing. Her sharp moves with smooth curves give her a finesse that has had her eating up stages both locally and internationally at festivals and shows like Bamboo (Costa Rica) & Astral Harvest. Heavily involved in the festival community for nearly a decade, falling into professional dancing seemed to come about as naturally as her flow. So sit back and enjoy the tantalizing works of Slumbellina as she takes you on a journey of duality through each dance she gives. 



After 15 years of professionally dancing, North side Edmonton raised Leigha found herself a new love for the mic after spending time in North California working on music and production. Known now as Bonezyy Bonez, this woman is expressing herself through the means of rap. Not only will her hard hitting lyrics with clever puns have you stripped down to the bare bonez, but the fact that she does it all over her own production will have you in awe of her pure, raw talent. When she enters the stage, you'll wonder where she came from and when she leaves, you'll wonder where you can get more. 

Kelsey Klip


Kelsey Klip comes from a long line of people who've had something to say. This has taken her to many planes of pains and gains which she now channels into her poetry, songs and storytelling.  With a Chilean/European background, her intergenerational story has brought her into a lifelong role as a poet fuelled by the voice of the land. She has had the opportunity to perform at numerous festivals like Edmonton Poetry Festival, Heart of the City and Astral Harvest. Her devotion resides in the collective rise of the feminine through creative freedom and equity for women in the performing arts scene. With all senses attuned and pleasured, she hopes to inspire others to share their stories and feed the good wolf.

Layla Le Lay


Layla has been whipping her way through Western Canada and beyond as a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, flow artist & model. It is her ambition to cultivate an environment in which all people can operate as their ideal selves, whomever that may be. She does this by inspiring growth & acceptance through performance art & self expression. It is her mission to energetically create the space, through performance, that makes you feel viscerally alive. This wild child is both powerful and playful. When she is not slaying the stage, she is out in her community encouraging evolution through empowerment workshops & yoga. Her passion is working with women, sexuality, fostering safe environments for growth, expansion & liberation. She is a Yoga Teacher, Arts & Cultural Management graduate, has been professionally dancing for almost half a decade, performing since she was 6 years old & is a full-time student of psychology. Take a walk on the wild side and brace yourself: she’s exotic, erotic & impressively hypnotic.