About Us

Our Mission

Goddessa is here to bring light to the power of divine feminine energy. 

We are collectively using our artistry to create a movement of inclusivity and balance in a safe and sustainable space. 

We vocalize, harmonize and support one another in the rise of our highest expression, producing world class performances.

Our Specialties

High Energy Live Music, Rap, Choreographed Dance, Go-Go  & Neo-Cabaret! 

We can provide all of  these specialties together or individually, creating a customized showcase for your event.

We inspire, empower and motivate performers and audiences to move, shake, sing and answer the call of their highest vibration.

Our Shows

Goddesssa is a multifaceted group of talented medicine women. Think girl power with depth and flare! 

Our mission is to raise the vibration through performance alchemy commanding the stage like no other with unity and a #Onelove vibe. 

Our mission is to harmonize humanity and support one another to embody, share and  express in highest vibration.  TOGETHER WE RISE!

Our magical versatility allows us to bring class to Gala's & Political Events, while our sass has had us performing sold out late night live music venues. Whatever you want, we've got it.  Head to our Gallery to see live footage & more.